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It is becoming increasingly common for children to have a short attention span

Cognitive processes are the procedures that add knowledge to the human brain and enable us to interact with those around us. They include memory, language, perception, thought and attention, among others. All of these cognitive processes are complex since they involve several areas of the brain and components, such as neurotransmitters (acetylcholine).

Memory is the brain’s cognitive ability to acquire, store and remember information. Thanks to memory, we are able to perceive, learn, understand, think and express, making it a key process for human and social adaptation.

Worldwide demographic data, and particularly in Western countries, shows that the population is aging. Rising age is an important risk factor for dementia and other common neurodegenerative disorders linked to oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and abnormal protein buildup in the brain.

Nearly 50% of adults over the age of 64 report having memory issues. Additionally, as we become older, our executive functions, processing speed, attention and spatial capabilities deteriorate.

Diminished attention and comprehension, among other processes, is a problem not only for the elderly, but also for children and teenagers. A child’s cognitive development can be impacted by poor sleeping habits, by an environment that is not conducive to learning, by heavy screen exposure, and by an unhealthy and imbalanced diet.

Range consisting of two dietary supplements made with plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, aimed at improving memory, attention and concentration.

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