Vitamins and nutrients

An increasingly common deficiency in recent decades

Vitamins are organic substances that do not provide energy but are essential in very small quantities. Most cannot be synthesized by our body and therefore must be derived from our diet in sufficient amounts to ensure good health.

In the case of humans, there are 13 vitamins which are classified according to their solubility:

Fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K.
Water-soluble vitamins: Vitamin B-complex (8 vitamins) and vitamin C.

It seems highly unlikely for vitamin deficiency to exist in Western civilization, but this issue has become increasingly common in recent decades.

Bad eating habits and poor nutrition can lead to vitamin deficiency. Two of the most common in today’s society are vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiencies.

Product range consisting of seven products that help protect the immune system.

Vitalink® Eficaps Defenses and Vitalink® Defenses Kids are two dietary supplements with a comprehensive formula made from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that help the immune system work properly.

The other five products are vitamins in practical and innovative formats that provide the right dose, in combination with a healthy diet, during times of deficiency or greater need.

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