The importance of ear hygiene

Under normal circumstances, our ears have their own self-cleaning system. The cells lining the external auditory canal produce cerumen (wax), which cleans and lubricates the ear canal and protects the inner ear from particles (dust or impurities), insects and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or fungi). The cerumen produced moves outward along the ear canal, preventing auditory issues, dryness and itching. This wax is necessary for healthy ears and should therefore not be removed but rather controlled.

In certain conditions, our body needs help in keeping the ears clean. For example, when there is excess cerumen caused by wearing earbuds during long periods or from little jaw mobility, this may result in symptoms such as hearing loss, itching and discomfort.

A range of 3 health products designed for daily ear hygiene, ensuring they remain in good condition, preventing earwax buildup, and lubricating and protecting the auditory canal when it is dry, irritated or itchy, such as from discomfort caused by the continued use of hearing aids or earbuds, and to help soften and dissolve earwax blockages that could result in hearing loss.

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