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Sometimes, after a heavy meal or a long car ride, we can experience gastrointestinal discomfort. Depending on the frequency and intensity, this can have a severe impact on quality of life.

There are various causes of gastrointestinal discomfort: large meals, foods with high fat content, occasions paired with alcohol, lifestyles and stress.

These situations can lead to heartburn, bloating and gas, although gastrointestinal discomfort can also be caused by dizziness, which could make us feel nauseous.

It is difficult to identify the reason for certain digestive symptoms because some causes remain a mystery. Genes play a major role, along with environmental factors such as stress, emotional distress, dietary changes and medications.

A number of gastrointestinal conditions have been linked to digestive issues:

• Stomach muscles that move too quickly or slowly.

• Overly active stomach muscles.

• Excessively sensitive stomach nerves.

• Inflammation.

• Increased gas production.

• Rise in acid secretion.

Contact your doctor if you experience multiple digestive symptoms over a prolonged period of time. You could be suffering from a digestive syndrome such as functional dyspepsia.

Range made up of two dietary supplements in single-dose vials, aimed at ensuring digestive wellness. Gastryzen® Digest is indicated for people who experience discomfort such as bloating, heartburn or epigastric pain following a meal or after eating too much. Gastryzen® Náuseas helps prevent nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

MYDAO es un alimento para usos médicos especiales adecuado para el manejo dietético del déficit de DAO (enzima DiAmino Oxidasa – intolerancia a la histamina).

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