Pampering your nose

The nasal mucosa lines the nasal cavity and performs the following functions:

1. Allows air to reach the lungs.
2. Perceives smells through the olfactory mucosa.
3. Warms, moistens and removes foreign particles from the air we inhale.
4. Serves as a resonance box for the production of voice.
5. Keeps foreign bodies and microorganisms from entering.

It is very important to keep the nasal mucosa clean and hydrated for it to work properly. Because it is one of the body’s primary defense barriers, it is reached by multiple external agents such as microorganisms (viruses and bacteria), irritating substances (pollution particles), allergens and more. If the mucosa becomes altered, these particles could come into contact with our blood, causing inflammation to the nasal mucosa and congestion, with increased mucus production and difficulty breathing.

It is extremely important to clean the nasal mucosa, particularly in the case of babies and children since they are very susceptible to catching colds, resulting in excess mucus production and obstructions. This could boost the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, causing secondary infections and complications such as otitis and sinusitis.

A complete range of seawater sprays for cleaning and decongesting the nose.

Free Nose® seawater products are well tolerated, 100% natural and have no preservatives, making them suitable for babies, children, adults and women who are pregnant or nursing.

This complete range of nasal sprays has been specifically designed to treat various sinus problems.

Nasal washes must be done regularly to keep the nasal mucosa in good condition. However, certain cases require more than cleaning, and a specific treatment must be administered to prevent subsequent issues such as allergic rhinitis, postnasal drip, congestion and dry nose.

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